The Chairside module completely guides the user through the entire production of full contour crowns and bridges process, from scan and design to exportation files.

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File Format STL
In Option with scanner iDS et 3DS
 dwos chairside

Streamlined and powerful guided workflows
Scan editor: Review and edit scans from the Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner, iSeries Impression Scanner and other open intraoral scanning devices.

Scan alignment review and cleaning
Automated proposals: Our Dental Wings advanced Tooth-Chain technology computes the shape of the proposed restoration, including anatomy, cusps, marginal ridges and emergence profile, by analyzing and mimicking the anatomical features of the adjacent teeth.

Occlusion is automatically computed from the antagonist teeth.
Easy-to-use design tools: Margin identification, anatomy design and insertion axis selection.

Nesting and machining: Simple and intuitive restoration block nesting for fast in-office milling preparation.

Material-Driven and ease of in-office production
STL output for any open in-office mill, and dentist’s customizable material parameters are respected to ensure quality restorations while the minimum thickness is safeguarded during design.

Support for a wide range of indications
Crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, short-span bridges, and implant-borne crowns.

For an optimized user experience, the dentist is guided from start to finish with step-by-step instructions.

DWOS Chairside CAD integration
Seamless integration with the Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner, new Portable Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner and iSeries scanner.

Open system
Allows for input and output of STL for 3rd party systems support.