CAST Calcinable

OPERA SYSTEM® CAST Calcinable blanks can be used for milling frameworks for metal casting and for milling castable layers for press ceramic. 

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For verifying frameworks on plaster model before final milling.

Burns-out without any residual ash.

Produced of 100% organic material.

RéférenceShade - ThicknessDiameter
OS 500 01 Transparent - 12 mm 98,5 mm
OS 500 02 Transparent - 14 mm 98,5 mm
OS 500 03 Transparent - 18 mm 98,5 mm
OS 500 04 Transparent - 20 mm 98,5 mm
OS 500 05 Transparent - 25 mm 98,5 mm

Restorative materials Opera System® are class IIa medical devices comply with Directive 93/42 EEC. These medical devices are intended for dentists and dental technicians, authorized to make dentures. These medical devices are regulated health goods which, under this regulation, the CE mark. Carefully read the instructions and recommendations before use.