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With Easy 5 you will get a five-axis dry milling machine for an especially wide range of indications. The B axis with an extraordinary great rotation range of up to ±  35 degrees and the fixing device for blanks with a thickness of up to 40 mm make sure that you can realize nearly any object that can be dry milled.

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Rotation Speed Rotational speed range up to max 60,000 RPM
Height 630 mm
Fields of application Dry milling
Weight ±91 kg
Changer Tools Automatic tool changer for 16 tools with haptic tool measurement
Machinable materials Plastics, wax, zirconium oxide, composites, CoCr
File Format STL
No. of axes 5 axes
Positioning Range 165,5 x 108 x 93 mm (x/y/z)
Certifications Certification according to ANSI/UL 61010-1 for exports to the USA and Canada
Included Modules CAM software supplied with specially adapted machining strategies. Machining parameters and tools for all materials are predefined.
Repetition accuracy ± 0,003 mm
Air Consumption Ionizer deactivated: approx. 50 l/min at 6 bar, 64 l/min at 8 bar - Ionizer activated : approx. 80 l/min at 6 bar, 102 l/min at 8 bar

Direct DiscTechnology: for securing disks: Thanks to this tool-free blank clamping system, the machine can be loaded with materialeven more quicker and easier.

Built-in ionizer: neutralizes the static charge of acrylic particles and an improved air circulation in the workingarea also significantly reduces cleaning time.

Option 3 dry blocks

Easy 5+

  • 5 simultaneously working axes In addition to the three linear axes in x, y and z, two rotary axes ensure many and varied machining options.
  • Rotation range up to ± 35 degrees The B axis with its exceptional great rotation range makes the Easy 5+ ideal for model casts and surgical guides as well as prosthodontics and implantology.
  • Blanks of up to 40 mm thickness Easy 5+ lets you machine a wide range of materials and indications: blanks of wax, plastics, model plaster, zirconium oxide and composites up to non-precious alloys on cobalt-chrome basis.
  • Machine bed of massive aluminium cast A cast body which is closed at five sides absorbs vibrations and ensures a high stability of the whole machine. Additionally reinforced linear guides in x, y and z as well as a double mounted B axis further increase the rigidity of the whole axis system – so that you'll always get first-class milling results.
  • Automatic changer for 16 tools In addition to the currently required tools, you can equip the tool changer with replacement tools right away. Thus you can continue working without interruption if a tool is worn out. Haptic tool measurement for usage of diamond-coated tools.
  • Powerful and highly precise synchronous spindle With 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearings and a nominal power of 300 W under continuous load – well-balanced torque band.
  • Sophisticated protective mechanisms Automatic safety interlock at the front cover while machining. The established working chamber sealing air concept in combination with a rubber gaiter effectively protects the mechanics, electronic and spindle against dust and chippings.
  • Practical drawer for accessories Your tools and blanks are well stored and immediately at hand. The drawer also holds an integrated administrated tool board (ATB) for your milling tools. Its 30 numbered slots will be administrated by the DentalCAM software.


• Precise ball screw spindles for the 3 linear axes 

• Motor resolution < 1 μm

• Ground steel precision guide rails

• 4 mm lead

A axis: Harmonic Drive® free from backlash for highest true running accuracy, rotation range of 360°

B axis: pivoting via ball screw spindle, rotation range of up to ± 35° 

Fixing device

• Round universal blanks with a thickness of 10 to 40 mm and a diameter of 98.5 mm with step; optionally: three-fold block holder

• Manual exchange

• Synchronous spindle SFK 300P.

• Nominal power under constant load (S1): 300 Watt

• Maximum power output (Pmax): 500 W

• Rotational speed range up to 60,000 RPM

• 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearings

• Hybrid ceramic ball bearings

• Radialdeviationatinternal cone of the precision shaft < 3 μm

• Sealing air prevents entering of foreign substances in the bearing area

• Cone cleaning

Controller TOOL CHANGE

• Type CNC G12T 

• Synchronic interpolation of 5 axes

• Great smoothness of running and highly accurate

• High processing speed due to exponential acceleration ramps

• Lookahead feature for continuous velocity along the path

• 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs

• 5 motor end phases

• Four quadrant controller

• No fan necessary for cooling

• Automatic tool change station for 16 tools

• Haptic tool length detection and tool breakage monitoring

• Diamond-coated tools can be used 

• Monitoring of compressed air supply

Dry MACHINING  AIR extraction

Dry machining 

• Opening at the housing side for air extraction

• Underpressure sensor for monitoring the air extraction

• 24 Volt switching output


• Dental suction unit with fine filter

• Switching unit PSW 02-T

• Tool set starter edition

• Complete encapsulation of working chamber 

• Automatic safety interlock at the front cover during the machining process


• Certification according to ANSI/UL 61010-1 for exports to the USA and Canada