Opera System OS-IO

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Cart Version or Laptop with Pod

Fast & accurate scan, powderfree, in real color.

  • Fast & accurate
  • Scanning in real color
  • Autoclavable tip
  • Small & light weight handpiece
  • Small & light weight handpiece

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Open and flexible workflows - Simply scan and send

The intraoral scanner is a dedicated scanning chairside system. Captured impression data is seamlessly transmitted to in-office or remote systems for prosthesis design and production. Clinicians can choose either the freedom of open STL data or DWOS Connect for optimal collaboration with laboratory partners. The acquired data is directly imported to our suite of design applications using the synergy between our intraoral scanner and DWOS.

Reliable and intuitive 3D technology

The intraoral scanner is designed to address the specific needs of dental professionals looking for an intuitive digital

impression technology. With the overall objective to help dentists focus on the patient rather than on the technology.

Ease of Handling with a Remarkably Small Handpiece 

Resembling a standard dental tool, the compact and lightweight (210 g) handpiece ensures unparalleled patient comfort and allows you to assume a natural position relative to the patient when scanning. The handpiece also features removable tips that can withstand up to 250 autoclave cycles. The easy interchangeability of the tips eliminates patient turnaround time. Interchangeability of the tips eliminates patient turnaround time. 

Scanning in real colors - Fast & accurate

Teeth and soft tissue are scanned from multiple orientations simultaneously, capturing difficult-to-see areas with minimal effort.

No Touch Control & Voice Control

Available with the cart version only
Integrated motion technology allows for a touch-free manipulation of the screen imagery while wearing gloves. Using voice-control* prevents cross-contamination while performing the scan, and you don’t ever move your hands away from your patient or handpiece. 

Real-time Digital Results

Sound indicator & Visual indicator for the operating status