Partial Frameworks BY DWOS

The Partial Framework design software offers intuitive design tools that smoothly transfer a dental technician’s know-how into a digital environment. Highly accurate frameworks for partial dentures are designed in a few minutes, ensuring significant savings in both time and materials.

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File Format STL

Flexible process and quality results

Using data originating from any open 3D scanner, the Partial Frameworks module provides an intuitive virtual approach that streamlines the traditional steps of partial framework creation.

The software offers versatility for the shaping of clasps, palatal plates, and retention grids; these can be both defined by parameter set-up and by freeforming. Automatic adaptation of the occlusion with the opposing model facilitates the design of connectors and occlusal rest, while automatic block-out of undercuts brings better retention and insertion.

Above all, the resulting prosthesis fits the mouth with high precision and the quality is constant. Productivity is increased while manufacturing costs go down.

Integration with Crown & Bridge

The Partial Frameworks and Crown & Bridge applications are totally integrated, allowing the technician to combine the design of removable and fixed restorations with ease.