Orthodontic Archiving BY DWOS

Orthodontic Archiving module provides laboratories a new business opportunity in offering orthodontic dentists model scanning, designing and archiving. Such digitization increases the accuracy and the efficiency of the practice.

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File Format STL
In Option with 7 Digital Scanner "Pack Productivity"
Included with 7 Digital Scanner "Pack Synergy"

Get rid of plaster models

Orthodontic Archiving allows to scan models or impressions, as well as importing intra-oral scans, to design virtual orthodontic study models for digital archiving and digital manufacturing.

Users can choose between standard and Wizard workflows to create a variety of model types including Tweed, American and French.

Benefits of digital study models

  •  Reduced turnaround, as, depending on the workflow, physical shipping is replaced by file transfers
  •  Accuracy, as they can’t be distorted by manipulation
  •  Space-saving, as they don’t need to be physically stored
  •  Fast and easy retrieving of archived models