Viva HT-ML - CE 0120

High Translucent & Multilayered zirconia
Made for large dentinal frameworks. Its natural opacity makes it the ideal base to cover it with hand-made ceramics.

Applications: Anterior crowns, Posterior crowns, Bridges, Long-span bridges


More details

Flexural strength 1125 MPa
Thermal expansion (25-500°C) 9,9
Composition ZrO2 + HfO2, Y2O3 etc.
Translucency 30,5 %
Sintering temperature 1500°C

Dentin-like frameworks from zirconia? Yes! Light reflects its natural opacity. And the veneering ceramic on top gives the most natural result. This zirconia comes with natural color gradient too. The opacity increases from the incisal area to the cervical area as in a real (natural) tooth.

  • Integrated gradient colors - 4 layers
  • No dipping, no drying
  • Remarkable monolithic restorations
  • Possible stratifications.

High flexural strength zirconia is suitable for single unit frameworks and long-span bridges.

CE marked Medical Devices approved for dental care and bound for the industry's professionals. Instructions inside pack or labeling to be read carefully before use.