Viva HT - CE 0120

High Translucent Zirconia

High flexural strength Ideal zirconia for unitary frames and long-span bridges. The HT range is suitable for monolithic reinforcement.

Applications: Anterior crowns, Posterior crowns, Bridges, Long-span bridges

Shades available : HT OW ≈ WHITE     HT 2W ≈ A2     HT 3W ≈ A3


More details

Flexural strength 1125 MPa
Thermal expansion (25-500°C) 9,9
Composition ZrO2 + HfO2, Y2O3 etc.
Translucency 30,5 %
Sintering temperature 1500°C

This high translucent zirconia has got an exceptional and constant quality and offers a remarkable esthetic.

This high flexural zirconia is suitable for single unit frameworks and long-span bridges. HT monolithic shaded is suitable for frameworks.

CE marked Medical Devices approved for dental care and bound for the industry's professionals. Instructions inside pack or labeling to be read carefully before use.