7DS - 3D Scanner

Dental model and impression scanner :
The “all-in-one” system, the 7DS features remarkable scanning versatility, speed and accuracy and comes with a wide range of prosthetic design applications.


More details

Weight 20 kg
Height 48 cm
File Format STL and supported partners formats
No. of axes 5 axis : 3 rotative, 2 translative
Voltage 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz / 230 W
Certifications CE, OHSA, Canada (SCC)
Display Ports DVI, HDMI & VGA
Accuracy 15 µm
Optical Technology Class 1 laser product - 2 high-speed measuring cameras - 1 color video camera
Scanning volume 140 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm
Included Modules PACK PRODUCTIVITY : DWOS Crown & bridge - DWOS Implant Prosthetics - DWOS Partial Frameworks - DWOS Model Builder
Optional Modules PACK PRODUCTIVITY : DWOS Full Dentures - DWOS Bite Splints - DWOS Orthodontic Archiving
Embedded PC Core i7, 16 GB memory 4GB of dedicated RAM graphic card Windows 7, 64 bits, 250 GB SSD
Included Accessories Screen, keyboard, mouse - Multi-dies holder 30 copings - Model holder - Impression holder - Articulator - calibration kit
Scannable materials Plaster, wax-up, silicone, alginates

High scanning performance

Be it a single preparation, a full arch gypsum model or a triple-tray impression, the 7DS efficiently captures clinical data. It scans preparations with excellent marginal integrity, providing precise fit for a wide variety of dental indications. Specifically for Screw Retained Bars and Bridges (SRBB), we have developed a certified scanning workflow.

The scanning performance of the 7DS is the result of a combination of years of mechanical engineering experience with state-of-the-art technology components. The optical set-up, running with five axes of freedom and two high-speed cameras, gives access to a superior scanning volume (140 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm) with a high degree of accuracy. The scan chamber is large enough for fully articulated models.

Design-ready for several dental indications

The 7DS is ready for receiving digital impressions from clinics and for complete in-lab digital workflow. As it includes a versatile DWOS software package, it enables the dental technician to design crowns & bridges, partial frameworks, screw-retained bars & bridges, implant abutments, and more. Virtual models can be generated from impression scans and output for fabrication.

The 7DS highlights :

  • High precision scanning of both models and impressions
  • On-board computer with 64-bit processor
  • High productivity through automatic scan and design wizards
  • High capacity scan and design for dies: 30 copings in 15 minutes
  • Easy clinic-to-lab or lab-to-outsourcing communication with DWOS Connect
  • SAM® SE articulator included
  • Certified scan workflow for screw-retained bars & bridges (optional)
  • Certified by 3M ESPE, Straumann and Dentsply Implants