OPERA MC - Intraoral Scanner

Features designed for an enhanced patient experience.

OPERA MC simplifies the intraoral scanning experience. The ease of operation provides patients comfort while delivering reliable scan results.

Technology of structured light: OPERA MC can obtain full-color 3D data of teeth and gums directly. 

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TECHNOLOGY: PHOTOGRAMMETRY:  3D model reconstruction from acloud of points extracted from photographic images.

INTELLIGENT SCAN:  Optimisation des étapes de  nettoyage en phase de numérisation.

NO-TOUCH CONTROL - Gyroscopic effect: Contactless navigation on the digitization steps.

INTERACTIVE PLATFORM: An interactive and connected platform between the dentist and the laboratory for an integrated digital workflow.

FILE EXPORT: Open .stl and .Obj

A VERSATILE PRODUCT: A versatile product: From general dentistery to orthodontics, the OPERA MC intraoral scanner offers a wide range of applications due to its versatility, precision and resolution.

DIFFERENT SET UPS FOR DIFFERENT NEED: OPERA MC is available on Cart or portable.