OS-200 - 3D scanner

Scan a full arch in about 11 seconds!

  • Dynamic scan “Tilting head”
  • Rapidity
  • High precision <10µ
  • Texture scanning
  • Articulation scan
  • 8 dies holder
  • STL Files
  • Light source - Blue Light


More details

Weight 5 Kg
Dimensions 260 x 270 x 420 mm
File Format STL, OBJ, PLY
Accuracy Inf 10 microns
Resolution 1,3 mega pixels
Light source Blue light

Enhanced version of the OS-100, dental 3D scanners OS-200 adds to,  a compact size, lightweight scanner an outstanding scanspeed and high accuracy. OS-200 supports multiple dental scan applications, including wax-up, abutment, die, plaster model,impression, articulator and texture.

OS-200 in video

Additional specifications:

  • UPGRADED SCAN SPEED: With increased scan speed, a single jaw scan can be finished in ≈12 seconds.
  • BETTER ARTICULATOR SCAN : a new dynamic scan, which can capture more of full jaw model to improve further occlusion precision.
  • NEW ALL-IN-ONE SCAN : all-in-one scan method allows scan of quadrant models and dies at the same time.